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What Is The Difference Between A Re-Roof And A New Roof?

Davis Roofing and Restoration
July 10, 2023

Maybe you’ve recently had some damage to your roof that you’re ready to get repaired, or maybe your roof is just reaching its 15 to 20 year birthday and it’s time to pay it a little attention. Whatever the case may be, you will have to make the decision of whether you’re going to re-roof or install a completely new roof. Central Florida re-roofing can be tough sometimes since the humidity and the torrential downpours may cause structural damage to wooden framed roofs. But installing a completely new roof can take longer and can sometimes cost more than a simple re-roof. So how do you know what your particular roof needs? Well, if you use Davis Roofing and Restoration, you won’t have to make that decision. We’ll do all the investigating necessary to figure out exactly what your roof needs. Here are a few of the factors we’ll be looking at to consider your roof’s fate.

  1. What’s going on under those shingles? Shingles can hide rotted framing or bad decking. We never really know what’s going on underneath the shingles until we start pulling them up and analyzing the health of the roof. Since Central Florida is known for its hard rain and humidity, the slightest damage to decking and framing can easily be made worse from the exposure to the elements. This damage is usually a good indicator to re-roofing experts that an entirely new roof may be needed.
  2. How many layers do you have? If your roof has been re-roofed several times, it will have several layers of shingles. You would think that the more layers of protective shingles on your roof, the better. But that’s not always the case. As shingles age, they can become brittle or damaged. If the very first layer of shingles starts to show signs of aging, it’s no longer doing its job of protecting the roof. The shingles need to be removed and a new roof needs to be put on if this is the case.
  3. How many types of shingles are there? It’s important that each time a home is re-roofed, the same type of shingles are used. This guarantees the shingles will seal the roof without any gaps. If your Central Florida roof has been re-roofed several times with different types of shingles, you’ll need a new roof. Starting from scratch with a consistent type of shingle will keep your roof healthy, sturdy, and long-lasting.

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